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Quality Childcare Newbury: How Children Learn at Newbury Lighthouse

We pride ourselves in delivering quality childcare in Newbury. As a childcare provider in Newbury, we believe children thrive in an environment which values their uniqueness. Also, while providing support and opportunities to grow academically, emotionally and socially through activities. Therefore, by building on each child’s strengths and curiosities, we guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships.

Our Childcare in Newbury

Our Nursery Nurses have an excellent knowledge of how children learn through play and we use observations to plan exciting opportunities. In particular, we carry out a precise assessment of all children’s progress, which means staff identify any gaps in learning very effectively. This is what makes our childcare in Newbury a fantastic place for your child to start their educational journey.

How Children Learn feature

Extra Curricular Activities

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a government standard we have to meet but we want to do much more than this. Also, we provide a rich variety of play activities to enable children to access hands-on experiential learning. Furthermore, we have a clear rationale for every activity we provide.

Literacy feature


Building the foundations for literacy in preschool is key. Therefore, we give your child activities and experiences to help them start reading and writing.

Maths feature


We help your child to develop their early years' maths skills through fun activities and experiences.

Phonics feature


Jolly Phonics is a fun and engaging way for children to recognise sounds. Also, it blends sounds to form words. In particular, it is used by many of the local schools to teach reading and writing.

Science Activity


Our aim is not to teach scientific facts but to foster scientific thinking. Therefore, we do this by giving children the time, space and materials to use their curiosity.

Trips to Newbury Library feature

Trips to Newbury Library

We're lucky to be a day nursery located in the centre of Newbury. Therefore, we can offer children exciting trips out to the local library!

Trips to Victoria Park, Goldwell park feature

Trips to Victoria Park, Goldwell Park

Our central location gives us easy access to Victoria Park and woodlands in Goldwell Park for trips out.

Yoga Activity


Yoga can improve flexibility, balance, co-ordination and motor skills. Also, simple breathing techniques can help children to cope with stress.

I Can Cook Activity


Cooking is a fun and engaging way to deliver all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Also, we follow the BBC 'I Can Cook' recipes.

Rhyme Time Activity

Rhyme Time

Rhyming helps to improve your child's phonological awareness. In particular, giving them the ability to notice and work with sounds in language.

Forest Activity

Forest Activities

Forest activities involve hands-on learning in a woodland. Also, they help to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Music and Movement Activity

Music and Movement

Our music and movement activities are a fantastic way to energise your child's body and mind!

Spanish at Newbury Day Nursery


Learning a second language helps children to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Gardening at Newbury Lighthouse


Gardening can inspire a lifelong love for growing things. Also, it helps physical and intellectual development and is good for mental health.

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